Top AEW Star Opens Up On Rick Ross Promo & Scrapped Footage

2 weeks ago by Dave Adamson

Top AEW Star Opens Up On Rick Ross Promo & Scrapped Footage AEW

A top AEW star has revealed some details of the content that AEW didn’t use featuring Grammy-nominated artist Rick Ross.

Ross was featured on AEW television in late 2022 alongside Swerve Strickland.

Strickland had, for a time before Ross’ arrival, been teaming with Keith Lee, but this would come to an end at Full Gear in November 2022.

Strickland would go on to form Mogul Associates with Parker Boudreaux, Trench and Rick Ross.

Speaking on the subject of Ross on the Say Less with Kaz, Lowkey and Rosy podcast, Strickland revealed:

“He’s great (Rick Ross), he’s hilarious. We shot more stuff in the back. They didn’t use all the footage.”

Whilst he wouldn’t specific how much footage was shot or what it may have contained, he would a emphasise a Ross promo segment in particular, saying:

“No, no (Rick Ross’ accusations line was not planned). First off, we filmed it one time. It was one shot and I pretty much broke down the synopsis. I’m like, ‘Alright, Rick, so this is what happened, me and my partner, we broke up –’ we didn’t break up at the time — ‘So he’s gonna come in accusing me of some sh*t and then you kind of just try to bring us together.’ He’s like, ‘It’s nothing, it’s easy, too easy.’ He’s like, ‘It’s nothing bro.’ He’s like, ‘Too easy, let’s go.’

The promo was aired in November 2022 and would see Keith Lee confronting Rick Ross and Strickland during backstage, with Ross delivering his “accusations, false accusations” line.

Transcript from Pro Wrestling News.

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