AEW Takes Shots At WWE NXT In New Advertisement

2 years ago by Louis Dangoor

AEW Takes Shots At WWE NXT In New Advertisement

For the last two weeks, NXT has defeated AEW in the Wednesday Night War ratings. This came after the black and gold brand received increased exposure thanks to being involved at Survivor Series.

AEW will be hoping to regain their lead over NXT in the ratings with another great show tonight. The new promotion has announced a whole host of exciting matches for the show.

In an attempt to bring more viewers into the show, AEW has released a new advertisement campaign. The video not only puts AEW over in a big way, but also takes some shots at NXT.

The advert, which can be seen above, features quotes from Comicbook, Forbes and The Wrap who say that AEW: Dynamite has crushed/trounced/buried NXT thus far.

Don’t expect a similar response from WWE or NXT anytime soon, and this would involve Vince McMahon actually referencing AEW on TV, something he clearly won’t be doing.



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