WWE Hall Of Famer Slaps Down Tony Khan’s Reaction To AEW All In Claim

1 month ago by Dave Adamson

WWE Hall Of Famer Slaps Down Tony Khan’s Reaction To AEW All In Claim AEW

A WWE Hall of Famer has slapped down Tony Khan for his reaction to a recent tweet about AEW All In ticket sales.

On May 2, 2023, ESPN’s Mike Coppinger stated that he had heard “Wembley is scaled for only 40K for AEW” causing a vicious reaction from Tony Khan himself.

With tickets for the August 27 UK debut reaching 50,000 sales in pre-sale alone, the number stated by Coppinger is surely a doubtful one.

Eric Bischoff has, however, criticised Khan for his “childish” response to a reporter’s tweet on Strictly Business.

The WWE Hall of Famer initially praised the achievements of Khan’s company, saying:

“What AEW has done is a huge, huge, double huge, success story. There’s no way you can look at it and spin it or evaluate it any other way. Phenomenal

“I expected it to be, as I talked about earlier, putting myself over instead of letting other people do it for me. But, man, it’s a huge accomplishment.”

He would then turn his attention to Khan’s reply, adding:

“And I think what Tony did and responding in that childish way that he does consistently is he lessened it.

“He should have laughed. He should have made a joke of it. Instead of [saying] Nick Khan did it.

“It’s like something I expect, you know, my grandson’s only a little over a year, so he’s not in that frame of mind yet where he wants to blame everybody on anything that you know anything that bad happens, he wants to blame it on somebody else, he’s not there yet. No, I didn’t do it, he did it.

“But it’s childish. It’s juvenile and he’s actually taking away from his accomplishment and reacting that way.”

Tony Khan previously got into a back-and-forth with Ariel Helwani after the journalist appeared on WWE television.

Bischoff has taken issue with Khan’s conduct many times previously leading him to also question his selection as “booker of the year” by Dave Meltzer.

Transcript from Inside the Ropes.

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