Tony Khan’s Involvement In AEW Fight Forever Video Game Revealed

Tony Khan’s Involvement In AEW Fight Forever Video Game Revealed AEW

Tony Khan was involved in the development of AEW: Fight Forever and the levels of his involvement have now been revealed.

AEW: Fight Forever was released on June 29 on modern and last-gen platforms.

Along with regular performance updates, new playable characters and game modes will be made to the core game, including the Stadium Stampede mode.

The Lead Narrative Designer for AEW: Fight Forever, Justin Leeper, has now revealed how much involvement Khan had in the game’s development.

According to recent tweets from Leeper, Tony Khan had production meetings with the development team.

His involvement didn’t stop there, with Leeper also reveal that he was very interested in the game-making process and wanted to participate in it.

Khan provided the voiceover for his in-game voicemails and also gave approval for all the in-game “tweets” in the Road to Elite story mode.

Kenny Omega has recently responded to criticism of the game’s performance.

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2 months ago by Dave Adamson


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