AEW & WBD Media Rights Negotiations Update

AEW & WBD Media Rights Negotiations Update AEW

Ahead of their window closing, a new report has revealed an update on the AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery media rights negotiations.

There has been a lot of conversation and rumors in regards to AEW’s ongoing negotiations with WBD on a new media rights deal.

The negotiation window between the two sides coming to a new agreement is set to expire in a few weeks time. During the Forbidden Door conference call, Tony Khan expressed his confidence that a deal will be made with Warner Bros Discovery.

Fightful Select (subscription required) provided an update, noting that there is already an offer on the table from the WBD side for All Elite Wrestling and has been for months.

However, the details regarding the deal are few and far between at this time of writing.

The report notes that there have been ongoing talks for quite some time, dating back to last year, when overtures were made to get AEW’s pay-per-views on the Max streaming service. However, AEW has opted to wait so far as conversations continued.

AEW and WBD have been having weekly meetings on Mondays to discuss integrations, creative plans, and to prevent any hurdles the two may face throughout the days that follow.

The report also notes that the recent variety of different time slots and three hour blocks that include any combination of shows was no accident as AEW and WBD are examining what nights, time slots and time blocks work best for both sides.

WBD has had interest since 2023 in putting AEW PPVs on Max, but it was later expected All Elite Wrestling will likely negotiate their properties together at first, before evaluating the possibility of individually.

Earlier in 2024, sources indicated that it would likely be well within 2024 before they announced anything in regards to the new media rights deal with AEW and WBD.

WrestleTalk will provide any further updates on the AEW and WBD media rights negotiations when they become available.

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