AEW Won’t Have Clear Heels And Babyfaces

AEW Won’t Have Clear Heels And Babyfaces

Good guys and bad guys. Heroes and villains. Me and everyone else on earth. The greatest stories are full of characters who either fit in the “good” or “bad” category, and wrestling is now different…unless you’re AEW if reports are to be believed.

Babyface vs. Heel is the most obvious and easiest to write of all wrestling stories. On one hand you have the innocent babyface striving to win, and on the other you’ve got an evil heel who will do anything to win, even cheating.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio however, when AEW starts weekly TV on October 2, there will be no heels or babyfaces, just wrestlers whose roles will change depending on their feud.

“The thing is that they’re not doing heel/babyface. It’s just like they just do everyone’s a heel and everyone’s a babyface.”

“When it comes to most of the guys Cody can be a heel or a babyface at any time. The Young Bucks can be heels or babyfaces. The general rule is they’re not like just because someone is gonna be heelish in a promo that’s just what they want.

“I don’t think Kenny Omega being a heel is a good idea, but as far as the match goes, but Moxley and Omega would probably get the fans cheering for both guys anyway. So, you know they just wanted to build heat.”

Of course there will be characters who tend to sway over to the good or bad side, for example MJF will probably always be a heel, but it will not be as black and white as it is in WWE and other promotions.

5 years ago by Andy Datson


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