AJ Styles Pokes Fun At TNA Merchandise

AJ Styles Pokes Fun At TNA Merchandise

Of all the pieces of horrible wrestling merchandise, AJ Styles may have the worst one. Styles took to Twitter to remind the world of his worst t-shirt ever and to mention that TNA had done far worse.

The shirt appears to spell the name AJ Styles in a sticky off-white substance. You don’t have to be an immature 14-year-old to think that this shirt looks a bit messy. Somehow the shirt that looks like Styles got a little too excited never made it to the top of the best-sellers list.

Styles took to Twitter to mention that this foul shirt was far from the worst thing TNA ever came up with. Whether he is alluding to more poor shirts or their years of abysmal storylines is unclear, but either way TNA has them in spades.

Styles was a TNA original, having debuted with the company in 2002. He remained with the company until 2014 when he was asked to take a massive pay-cut to stay with the company. He made the jump to New Japan Pro Wrestling before jumping again to the WWE in 2016.

Do you own any bad wrestling shirts? Let us know in the comments below, on Twitter or on Discord!

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