AJ Styles Thought Vince McMahon Would Put Him In Overalls

2 years ago by Tempest

AJ Styles Thought Vince McMahon Would Put Him In Overalls

AJ Styles has been one of WWE’s most successful signings of the last decade. However, he has said he was worried Vince McMahon would make him wear overalls and do a country gimmick.

Speaking on Out of Character with Ryan Satin, Styles talked about coming into WWE and the uncertainty ahead of his debut. He spoke about possibly going to NXT, not using his name, and possibly doing a southern gimmick. Here is the quote, courtesy of Fightful:

“It was one of those things that I was like, ‘Hey, listen if they’re looking for an AJ Styles, I would be happy to give it a shot’’ and I was willing to go down to NXT for a couple of months to get my feet wet and then get to a main brand like a Raw or SmackDown.

“I had no idea what was going to happen. There was talk of, ‘Hey, I don’t know if we can keep your name.’ I said, ‘Well, that’s fine, I’ll be whoever you want me to be but I have this huge tattoo on my side that says AJ, but you can call me whatever you want.’ Listen, I was worried about this southern accent that I can’t shake, that Vince was going to make me wear overalls and come out to a little country song or something with a banjo. I was more worried about that.”

Thankfully, AJ Styles did not debut with a country gimmick, instead debuting at the 2016 Royal Rumble.

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