Alan Angels Reveals Whether The Dark Order Is A Cult

11 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Alan Angels Reveals Whether The Dark Order Is A Cult AEW

Alan Angels has reflected on his time as part of the Dark Order in AEW, discussing the intended nature of the group.

Speaking on the Two Man Power Trip of Wrestling Podcast, Angels clarified that the Dark Order was meant to be a stable made up of outcasts.

Acknowledging the cult-like aspects of the group, Angels said:

“It’s supposed to be a group of outcasts that are brought in to better their lives and enrich their lives, as Brodie (Lee) would say. It’s a cult without saying it’s a cult if that makes sense.

“A group of friends is kind of what I think the gimmick ended up being.”

The Dark Order has been featured less on Dynamite and Rampage this past year. Commenting on the group’s TV time, Angels said:

“We all would’ve loved to be on TV more, and I hope the guys that are still there, you know, get more TV time and such. We were definitely given plenty of opportunities to shine on TV and on Dark and stuff like that.

“Like, the fact that they wrestled The Elite multiple times, I got to wrestle Bryan (Danielson), I got to wrestle Kenny (Omega), like, that’s all great. So, definitely, we’re all super, super grateful.”

Angels finished up with AEW after his contract with the promotion expired on June 30. He last wrestled for the promotion during the June 11 Dark taping.

After leaving AEW, Angels made his IMPACT debut, wrestling X Division Champion Mike Bailey on the July 7 episode.

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Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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