Alan Angels Reveals How IMPACT Debut Came To Be

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Alan Angels Reveals How IMPACT Debut Came To Be AEW

Former AEW star Alan Angels has revealed how his IMPACT Wrestling debut came to fruition.

On July 1, Angels became a free agent after he decided not to re-sign with All Elite Wrestling for a per-appearance deal.

The former Dark Order member immediately started taking bookings and debuted for IMPACT Wrestling on the July 7 episode against Speedball Mike Bailey for the X-Division Championship.

Speaking to Two Man Power Trip, Alan Angels discussed how his appearance for IMPACT came to be and his mentality on the independent scene.

When asked about his appearance, he answered:

“They just put it on the table. They hit me up and said, ‘Do you want to have a kick-ass match with Mike Bailey?’ I said, ‘Absolutely, I do.’ I went there, I live in Atlanta and they were in Atlanta. They asked if I wanted to have a kick-ass match with Mike Bailey, I said, ‘Yes sir,’ and I’m literally 30 minutes from the venue. I don’t know how the higher-ups thought of the match, if it was a tryout thing, I don’t know, honestly.”

On how he has secured bookings since leaving AEW, Angels replied:

“I wouldn’t say it’s easy. There are certain places you have to reach out to. Of course, I had my connections and all that stuff prior to AEW, but it was only on a certain scale. I really only wrestled, before AEW, in the southeast. I really wanted to reach out more towards…right now, the West Coast Indie scene is blowing up and I really wanted to get out here and do stuff with West Coast Pro and Prestige Wrestling. It does require a bit of reaching out, but at this point, especially with my AEW contract coming up, I’m kind of the hot thing of the month. Everyone wants me to wrestle for them, which I’m so grateful for. I want to be the guy on the Indie scene that everyone wants to wrestle and I think I’m slowly getting to that point. I know, right now, I’m kind of the flavor of the month. The hard part is staying relevant, which is what I’m trying to do.”

Angels is currently set for the Battle Slam The Takeover event against Shoot Taylor on July 28. He will also appear on NJPW Strong this Saturday.

Check out Alan Angels’ win-loss record in All Elite Wrestling (for televised matches) at this link.

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