Alberto Del Rio Praises CM Punk’s UFC 225 Performance

5 years ago by Andy Datson

Alberto Del Rio Praises CM Punk’s UFC 225 Performance

When you’re a controversial character, the person you most want to defend you is of course another controversial character.

Everyone’s favourite or least favourite wrestler CM Punk is still being criticized for his loss against Mike Jackson at UFC 225, but none other than Alberto Del Rio/El Patron has stepped in to defend him.

In an interview with Chris Van Vliet, Alberto said:

“He did well, he did well. I just hate to listen to people talking crap about someone like Phil. Someone who has the balls to try something different and train in a different sport and jump in that f***ing cage.

“Most of these people criticizing him have never been in a real fight in their life and most of those guys, unfortunately, come from our business, the pro wrestling business.

“And everybody knows this and they hate me because I keep saying this but 90% of the m**********rs in this business have never been in a real fight in their life and those are the ones criticizing someone like Phil.”

“He did an amazing job. It’s super difficult to make the transition from pro wrestling to MMA especially in the past when you didn’t do any combat sports like Phil.

“He practiced other sports but he’s not like Brock Lesnar or me or many others who had a background in wrestling or Jiu Jitsu or whatever.

“It’s difficult, that moment when you’re standing in that cage or inside that ring and you have that other guy in front of you and you’re about to trade punches for real, that’s when you start thinking ‘f–k. What was I f–king thinking?’ But he did a good job. Good job Phil, I’m proud of you. And I know he said he’s not going to do it again but if you do, you know that you have a big supporter right here.”**

When you’re both in the game of upsetting WWE, it’s important to stick together.

**Interview was transcribed by Wrestling Inc.

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