Aleister Black Discusses His Character & WWE’s Booking Of Him

Aleister Black Discusses His Character & WWE’s Booking Of Him

Aleister Black is one of the more mysterious characters in WWE in recent times, but the man behind the character has shed some light on how it came about.

Up until very recently, Black was featured in squash match wins every week for months on Raw, which is great because it means picking up wins, but doesn’t really do much in the way of character building or moving up the card.

In an interview with The New York Post, Black discussed his recent booking. When asked if he agrees that his build hasn’t been rushed, he replied:

Yeah, I do. It sometimes goes hand in hand with a little bit of frustration because sometimes you want to go faster than what they’re allowing you to. But it has made sure that the audience has got really familiar with Aleister Black.

He also delved deeper into how the character came about and similarities between Aleister Black and the man behind it, Tom Budgen. He said:

I’ve always had a little bit of a difficulty understanding other people to the point where I was better off doing my own thing, better off being by myself. I’ve always been kind of a loner. I’ve never had like many friends, I’ve had a few. It’s just something that’s in my character, in my personality.

A lot of stuff with this is real life. The occult stuff, I grew up having a fascination about world religion and that fascination grew into other religions and other things and I kind of dabbled my way into the occult and started reading about the occult. I used a lot of that stuff as well. It’s unique, it’s mystique. A lot of people don’t understand it and I can use it to my advantage.

For me it was important that with the character that I portray that I was effective, efficient because if I said all these things and every single time I’d have a match and all my offense would be countered or ducked or people would kick out of my moves left and right, then the character in contrast to my offense wouldn’t make sense.

That’s why I wanted the Black Mass spinning heal kick to be, if I hit that in most given circumstances, like 95 percent of the time, that’s it, end of story. That’s how I wanted the audience to be conditioned as well.

He went on to add that he is an atheist, meaning he has no religion. As a child, his mother was a Roman Catholic, which he described as quite a warm and welcoming religion, but his father had more strict and unforgiving religious beliefs, which led to him reading up about religion and ultimately concluding it wasn’t for him.

4 years ago by Liam Winnard


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