Alex Riley Finally Speaks About Heat With John Cena

3 years ago by Tempest

Alex Riley Finally Speaks About Heat With John Cena

Former WWE star Alex Riley has finally opened up about his beef with John Cena. Rumours of backstage heat between the two have circulated for years and now Riley has spoken to Chris Van Vliet to tell his side of the story.

The full quote from the interview is below, courtesy of Pro Wrestling Sheet:

“I think it came down to, at the end, two men just not liking each other. As sad as that is, it had an impact on my career because he is who he is. I just happened to be in a situation where, right from the start, it was just … he didn’t like me. I just don’t think he did, I tried to change that the best I could. I worked very hard and tried to do the best I could to grow and learn and fit in in the way a wrestler fits in and he wanted me to fit in. It just kinda got to the point where, a little bit, even some of the other guys would kinda be like, ‘what’s up with that?’ ‘I don’t know.’ So it was a tough situation.”

“There was one mistake that either I made, or he made, where we got really crossed. And we kind of got into a little bit of an argument. And I didn’t think it was going to … I went to him immediately the next day and tried to apologize for whatever had happened. I think he was pretty offended. Again, it was two grown men that just didn’t see eye-to-eye at the time. I’m not holding any grudges or anything like that. I certainly don’t want it hanging over my neck for the rest of my life.”

Riley was the protegee of The Miz while Miz was feuding with Cena. The feud saw Riley and Cena interact a lot, resulting in the heat between them.

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