Alexa Bliss Recalls The Most Embarrassing Thing To Happen To Her In A WWE Ring

Alexa Bliss Recalls The Most Embarrassing Thing To Happen To Her In A WWE Ring WWE

Alexa Bliss has revealed the most embarrassing thing that has ever happened to her in a WWE ring.

Speaking with  Adam Glyn of Adam’s Apple, Bliss recalled an occasion in which she had appeared on live TV with her shorts on backwards.

Noting that she had to run back to Gorilla position and switch them around during the commercial break, Bliss said:

“My shorts were on backwards and Mickie James had to tell me in the ring that my shorts were on backward. During commercial break, I had to run back to Gorilla and change them around and then run back out there.”

Bliss has since shared a series of shots on Twitter of Mickie James noticing Bliss’ back-to-front gear, thanking her friend for always having her back.

Reflecting on the memory, James tweeted:

“I am a Day Saver. Lol. I remember! Also… I ♥️ @AlexaBliss_WWE so of course I’m gonna let her know.”

James was released from her WWE contract in April 2021, making a one-off return during this year’s Royal Rumble match.

Alexa Bliss hasn’t appeared on WWE TV since February. Bliss, who has reportedly voiced creative frustrations to Vince McMahon, recently commented on her absence.

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