Alexa Bliss Gets ‘Corrupted’ On WWE Raw

3 months ago by Amanda Savage

Alexa Bliss Gets ‘Corrupted’ On WWE Raw WWE

After two separate episodes of spontaneous possession, Alexa Bliss had her WWE Raw Women’s Championship title shot at Bianca Belair.

After a hard fought battle, Bianca Belair solidly had the upper hand as she battled back to turn the tide of the match in front of her home state of Tennessee.

With Bliss on the outside of the ring with Belair, she spotted a ‘fan’ in an Uncle Howdy mask first behind the announcers, then another near the ring stairs until the real chaos began.

With the tron flashing the Uncle Howdy insignia, Bliss clearly “loses it” again, taking out the referee and then continuing to assault Belair.

With commentary referring to Bliss as “corrupted” before she started to walk away before coming back to deliver another DDT on the stairs to Belair.

With Bliss emotionlessly sauntering away as a stretcher sped out for Belair, the match was apparently over via disqualification despite the bell not actually ringing.

Next week’s WWE Raw will mark 364 days since Alexa Bliss began her ‘Road back to Raw’ via therapy session so hopefully this storyline reaches a conclusion sometime soon!

Perhaps we’ll be awaiting Royal Rumble and the Mountain Dew Pitch Black match for all to be revealed regarding Uncle Howdy?

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