Alexa Bliss Shoots Down Fake ‘Dissolution Of Marriage’ Notice

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Alexa Bliss Shoots Down Fake ‘Dissolution Of Marriage’ Notice WWE

Now not all wrestling fans are weird, but some wrestling fans are really weird, and it seems WWE star Alexa Bliss has one of the more weird fanbases.

Just look at any comment section on any Alexa Bliss social media post and you’ll probably want to rip out your own eyes.

The latest weird thing to happen to Alexa Bliss on social media is that a fan has created a fake “dissolution of marriage” notice, which shows Bliss and her fiance Ryan Cabrera apparently applying to end their marriage.

They’re not married.

Bliss was forced to respond to say the obviously fake document is obviously fake.

Speaking to ET Online in a recent interview, Bliss revealed she and Cabrera are looking to get married shortly after WrestleMania 38 in April 2022, and plans are well underway for their big day. she said:

“Ryan’s got it taken care of. He’s been waiting for this day — he’s told me, ‘I’ve been waiting for my wedding day forever,’ and he’s like, ‘I’ll plan it all. Everything. Just tell me what you like.’ Luckily, we have the same interests and same likes.

“All the way down to my dress. He helped me get it designed, and he’s been incredible.”

Stop being creepy on social media, please.

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