Alicia Fox Receives High Praise from WWE Hall of Famer

Alicia Fox Receives High Praise from WWE Hall of Famer

Hall of Fame announcer, and all-around pro wrestling wiseman, Jim Ross, gave high marks to the main event of Monday’s Raw. In particular, he had praise for Alicia Fox, a veteran of WWE’s women’s division, who only recently made her return to television.

Fans who saw the match will remember Fox taking multiple judo throws, and a nasty-looking overhead suplex from her opponent, Ronda Rousey. Some fans have commented that Rousey’s work looked unsafe, or like she didn’t care about Fox’s well-being. Despite this argument, one cannot deny the realism of the match.

At one point it looked like Fox’s arm would be torn from the socket. The physical contest was consistent with the events of the previous week’s Raw, where Fox threw Rousey into the guardrail about as hard as she could. Or, so it looked.

J.R. makes another reference in his tweet. This concerns the somewhat controversial, and certainly confusing, ring entrance of Alicia Fox. Rather than have a solo entrance leading up to her main event moment, Fox was led to the ring by Raw Women’s Champion, Alexa Bliss. What’s more, Fox did not get her own ring entrance music, and used that of Bliss. However, as Ross says, that can’t be what we remember most about this hard-hitting encounter.


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