All In Trademark May Reveal Plans For All In 2

All In Trademark May Reveal Plans For All In 2

After All In Cody has made it clear that he would like to do an All In 2. New details about the trademark filed for the rights to the name have revealed that a second show and more may have been part of the plan all along.

Dana Massie, the wife of Matt Jackson, is also the president of Killing The Business, Inc. Killing The Business, Inc. filed for a trademark for the All In name and the Young Bucks name with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. What is interesting about the trademarks is the description given for the All In name:

“Entertainment in the nature of professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, and tournaments and ongoing television programs in the field of professional wrestling; organizing and conducting professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, and tournaments; production and syndication of television programs featuring professional wrestling matches, exhibitions, tournaments and performances.”

On September 14 the USPTO delivered a ruling to Killing The Business, Inc. stating that they had to specify what they meant by “exhibitions” within the next six months, and if they didn’t the trademark would be considered abandoned. Meaning anyone could then claim it.

The other trademark, filed for the Young Bucks name was published for opposition today. If nobody contests the trademark in 30 days Killing The Business, Inc. will own the rights to the name.

It is possible that Killing The Business, Inc. could let the trademark go, but given the planning for “ongoing television programs” it appears there are future plans for the name All In.

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6 years ago by Wrestle Talk


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