America’s Most Hated Heel Tom Sandoval & Vanderpump Rules Drama Continue To Top AEW Dynamite In Ratings

1 month ago by Amanda Savage

America’s Most Hated Heel Tom Sandoval & Vanderpump Rules Drama Continue To Top AEW Dynamite In Ratings AEW/Bravo

It looks like for another week, professional wrestling’s newest needle mover and hottest heel has made a viewership impact: Tom Sandoval.

If AEW really wanted to amp up the level of public scorn, they should recruit Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules to be their next big ‘needle mover’.

Perhaps you missed America’s (currently) most despised reality lothario Tom Sandoval from Vanderpump Rules who has captured the nation’s attention but why would you care? This is a wrestling news site!

However short version: On the Bravo reality series Vanderpump Rules, a cast member (Tom Sandoval) has been cheating on his lovely longtime partner (Ariana Madix) with another cast member who touted herself as the partner’s ‘best friend’.

This drama came to light while the show was still in production and the next episodes plus a three part reunion will all be deeply diving into the massive chaos that ensued between the cast.

Why it remains of interest as while AEW Dynamite expectedly lost out in viewership to the NBA Play In tournament and subsequently an edition of Sportscenter but also not one but two Vanderpump Rules related shows.

With AEW Dynamite dropping to sixth position on the night (according to Showbuzz Daily) in original cable telecasts, it fell behind not just the actual episode of Vanderpump Rules but also, the after show.

An episode of Watch What Happens Live hosted by Bravo exec Andy Cohen came in fifth on the night with an impressive showing that exceeded Dynamite’s in the target demographic of adults ages 18-49.

So perhaps in the most ambitious booking request ever made of Tony Khan… here it goes.

Forget any other rumors you’ve heard today, there is only one true way for Tony Khan to give the people what they want: book Wardlow to do a Powerbomb Symphony on Tom Sandoval.

Since he’s already demonstrated he would make appearances without Bravo’s permission, what better way to allow a bit of image rehab on Sandoval’s part?

Totally unrelatedly, Sandoval may be motivated to help AEW siphon ratings from a network that is highly likely to maximize the drama of his personal life for their own gains.

Also lastly, we just all really want to see Tom Sandoval get his ass kicked.

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