Former NXT UK Star Amir Jordan Opens Up About WWE Departure

6 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Former NXT UK Star Amir Jordan Opens Up About WWE Departure WWE

Former NXT UK star Amir Jordan has opened up about his recent WWE departure, and his career following his time with the company.

Jordan was one of a number of NXT UK names let go by WWE in August, following the announcement that NXT UK would be going on hiatus ahead of the launch of NXT Europe in 2023.

The Pakistani star notably wrestled at One Pro Wrestling’s ‘A New Twist Of Fate’ relaunch show on October 1, competing in the Fight For The Future five-way elimination bout.

During the pre-event press conference, Jordan noted that 1PW had approached him ahead of the show, saying:

 “This opportunity presented itself to me. 1PW got in touch with me, they knew I was a free agent and got in touch and I was like ‘hells yes.’ I wasn’t going to say no to this.”

1PW Original Ulf Herman then joked that Jordan was ‘cheap as f**k’ following his WWE release.

Discussing his run with WWE, Jordan said:

“After my four year run with WWE, it has been a difficult year, I’m not going to shy away from that question, it has been a difficult year. The one thing I have missed is wrestling consistently, week in, week out, wrestling in front of a crowd.

“That’s no slight on where I was, they looked after me. I had shoulder surgery, I was out for a year and they paid me. They paid me through (the COVID-19 pandemic) and at the end of the day whatever happened was a business decision.

“Now I’m actually out there, ready. I’m actually starving for it because when you get something taken away from you, it makes you appreciate it all more.

“I drove up today and I enjoyed the road trip because we weren’t getting to do much of that before, let alone actually coming here and seeing everyone. This is an amazing opportunity for me, especially coming from where I’ve just came from, and I can’t wait.”

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A number of top stars were in action at the October 1 event, including Mickie James, Rob Van Dam and AEW stars Jamie Hayter and Colt Cabana.

1PW A New Twist Of Fate will soon be available to watch on FITE TV.

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