Andrade Takes Shot At WWE Misusing Mexican Talent

2 years ago by Liam Winnard

Andrade Takes Shot At WWE Misusing Mexican Talent

Former WWE star Manuel Andrade has taken a shot at how the company uses its Mexican talent following Nick Khan’s recent comments.

Khan has said that WWE has a “hyper-focus” on targeting the Mexican and Latin American market, but Andrade, who was released last month, doesn’t seem too impressed.

In response to the comments from Khan, Andrade tweeted:

More talent for sitting in the locker room!

Cinta De Oro, formerly Hunico and Sin Cara has also weighed in, tweeting:

They want to make believe that they really care about Latin talent but we all know from our own experience that it is a big lie!

WWE does already have an array of potential Mexican stars, even without Andrade. The likes of Angel Garza, Humberto Carrillo and the Lucha House Party are all talented but aren’t used on TV regularly.

Bad Bunny coming in and aligning with fellow Puerto Rican Damian Priest does seem to be an attempt to delve into the Latin American market, but surely it would help not using all the other guys as complete jobbers when they could be much more.

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