Andrew Yang To Help WWE Stars ‘Get What Vince Owes Them’

11 months ago by Andy Datson

Andrew Yang To Help WWE Stars ‘Get What Vince Owes Them’

Democratic politician and entrepreneur Andrew Yang has vowed to help WWE stars “get what Vince owes them” in his latest show of support for wrestlers’ rights.

In the past, Yang has shown support for wrestler unionization, and was a major opponent of WWE’s decision to shut down its wrestlers’ third party social media accounts, including Cameo and Twitch.

In his latest tweet, Yang revealed he’d had a call with the Department of Labor, and promised “this storyline is real”.

At the time of WWE’s third party platform edict, stars including Paige and Zelina Vega posted on social media to suggest they were also battling for unionization. Since re-joining the company, Vega has deleted any tweets related to unionization.

Yang hasn’t revealed whether he’s been in contact with anyone in particular within WWE, but having been a vocal supporter of unionization within wrestling for a long time, wrestlers will know who to speak to.

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