Another Celebrity To Make AEW Appearance?

5 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Another Celebrity To Make AEW Appearance? AEW

The next celebrity to make an appearance for All Elite Wrestling (AEW) has potentially been revealed following recent social media activity.

On a recent episode of ‘Hey! (EW)’, former AEW Tag Team Champion Swerve Strickland called out hip-hop artist Bow Wow. Wanting to share the ring with Bow Wow, Strickland said:

“I want Bow Wow. I’m calling you out. I know you got connections with training with Rikishi. That’s cool, get your training in. I want you in AEW.”

Bow Wow appears to be up for the challenge, sharing the clip of Strickland calling him out with the caption:

“Where do i sign 💰”

Tagging the AEW President directly, Bow Wow then tweeted:

“@TonyKhan after tour is over….. sign me up! I want a roster spot.”

While Tony Khan has yet to respond to Bow Wow directly, he liked the artist’s tweet, indicating that he’s interested in bringing him in.

AEW has announced that Mike Tyson will return to the promotion for Friday’s (November 4) edition of Rampage. Reports have suggested that AEW has more plans to utilize the former heavyweight boxer.


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