Another Internet Star Interested In WWE Run

2 months ago by Sanchez Taylor

Another Internet Star Interested In WWE Run WWE

Another social media influencer has revealed that they’re interested in a potential run with WWE.

While a number of famous faces have impressed WWE fans in recent years, the stand-out celebrity has arguably been Logan Paul.

Paul has recently competed in two major singles bouts, with the former-Vine star unsuccessfully challenging for Roman Reigns’ WWE Undisputed Universal Championship at Crown Jewel, and facing Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 39.

During his bout against Rollins, Paul was helped out by another internet star, British YouTuber KSI.

Following these performances, Tana Mongeau has now stated that she’s interested in stepping into the squared circle, taking to Twitter to note:

“Ok why do i want my next endeavor to be WWE

“Like imagine me doing a frog splash”

Mongeau is notably linked with the Pauls, with Mongeau dating and having a marriage ceremony with Logan’s brother Jake Paul in 2019. The couple announced their break-up in January 2020.

As of writing, Logan Paul hasn’t publicly announced a new deal with WWE, following claims that his contract expired following his WrestleMania match.

His opponent Seth Rollins has praised Paul, and agreed that WWE would be silly if they chose not to re-sign him.

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