Another Sign Saudi Arabia Will Make Huge Bid To Buy WWE

2 months ago by Andy Datson

Another Sign Saudi Arabia Will Make Huge Bid To Buy WWE WWE

A few weeks ago, it was reported WWE was on the verge of being sold to the Saudi Arabian Public Investment Fund.

While these reports turned out to be false, Dave Meltzer has now claimed Saudi Arabia is still likely planning to make a bid to buy WWE, even if it hasn’t already.

Speaking on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, Meltzer explained:

“They tried to buy Formula One. They got turned down, but they offered just under $20 billion.

“The last time Formula One sold it was 2016 and it was sold for I think $4.4 billion. So we’re talking six years later and they offered 20 billion, but Liberty, which owns it, would not sell it.

“So don’t think they’re not gonna make a big bid for WWE, because they are.

“They have a deal similar to the WWE deal where they bring in the Formula One Grand Prix in Saudi Arabia every year, a $65 million deal, so they’re willing to do business with them.

“But they were not willing to sell it. And WWE is looking to sell so, you know, we’ll see what happens.

“They were very, very serious about this one, and this was not a company that was for sale. They wanna acquire something big, more than just the soccer team in Newcastle and LIV Golf – they’re looking for a big-time, major, mainstream media purchase right now. So WWE would fit into that role pretty easily.”

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So don’t write off those plucky, progressive Saudis off just yet. Maybe they’ve saved up enough pocket money to give Vince McMahon and the other WWE shareholders a huge pay day.

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