Tommaso Ciampa Gets Full Name Back On Raw

7 months ago by Connel Rumsey

Tommaso Ciampa Gets Full Name Back On Raw WWE

Ever since Triple H took over WWE creative, several former Vince McMahon edicts in the company have been reversed, one of which being the edict against WWE stars using their real names, or names they used outside of WWE.

Johnny Gargano made his return to WWE two weeks ago, using his real name, which seemed to imply that the edict was no longer in place. On top of that, Matt Riddle and Austin Theory have now also been given their full names back.

The latest WWE star to get his full name back is Tommaso Ciampa, who had been known as simply ‘Ciampa’ in recent months since the edict was put into place.

SmackDown star Angel also recently hinted that he would be returning to the name ‘Angel Garza’, though he and Humberto (Carrillo) were referenced by only their first names on tonight’s episode of Raw.

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