Antonio Inoki Provides Health Update After Hospitalization & Surgeries

Antonio Inoki Provides Health Update After Hospitalization & Surgeries

Antonio Inoki has offered an update on his health, after being hospitalized earlier this year.

Earlier this year, it was reported that Inoki has been in hospital for a large portion of 2021, due to issues with his lower back, diabetes and systemic transthyretin amyloidosis, which impairs blood circulation. In the summer, the 78-year old had to undergo emergency surgery due to a volvulus, a twisting of the intestines.

Speaking with Tokyo Sports, Inoki was asked how he’s currently feeling physically. Grateful for the support from the people around him,

Inoki said:

“I’m often asked that question, but all I can say is, ‘I’m fine (chuckles).  There are times when I have trouble sleeping. As with everyone, the more I try to sleep, the more I can’t sleep. When the schedules overlap, they overlap, so I’d like to sleep well before that.

“I was hospitalized repeatedly… It’s strange that I’m here now, but I’ve been pushed into a very strange situation. I couldn’t take salt in my meals. It makes me swell up. But the people around me take care of me, and I enjoy the food. I don’t get to go outside much, so I’ve never been hot or cold. Well… in other words, it’s been a good year.”

Inoki is one of the most influential names in wrestling history. The Japanese legend changed the landscape of pro-wrestling in many ways, from founding NJPW in 1972, to fighting Muhammed Ali in 1976. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2010.

We send our best wishes to Inoki.

Via POST Wrestling.

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