Ari Daivari Confirms He Signed Full-Time AEW Deal

Ari Daivari Confirms He Signed Full-Time AEW Deal WWE

Former WWE star Ari Daivari has confirmed that he is currently working for AEW in a full-time capacity.

Following Daivari’s AEW appearances over the summer, it was reported that Daivari had signed with the company. Daivari didn’t get the ‘All Elite’ graphic announcement at the time, leading some to speculate that Daivari was on a tiered AEW deal, rather than a full-time contract.

On AEW Unrestricted, Daivari confirmed that he does have a full-time deal with AEW. Recalling the formation of his Trustbusters faction, Daivari said:

“On a few episodes of AEW Dark, I was wrestling with Invictus Khash. Very good wrestler, a fellow Persian man, like me. We kind of got put together randomly as a tag team and were doing a couple of matches. It was going great, I enjoyed tagging with him, he’s a bright young kid.

“He’s from Iran, originally, speaks very good Farsi, which is kind of cool, I thought that was a cool thing going for us, and just extremely talented in-ring. Apparently, Tony (Khan) wasn’t feeling that for me. I showed up one day and found out I was tagging with a guy named Slim J. That day, me and Khash had matching gear because we had tagged a few times together, we finally got matching gear.

“I showed up and I saw Slim J, ‘I’ve heard that name before.’ He comes up to me, ‘Hey, I’m Slim, we’re working together.’ Tony shows up later, I talk to him a little bit and he lays this whole idea on the line to me about the Trustbusters, Parker Boudreaux and he has ideas for other members, which turned out to be Sonny Kiss and VSK. It all just happened one day.

“That’s what led to me getting my full-time job. That’s what the boss wants, that’s what the boss gets. It’s been a very simple thing in wrestling, people don’t understand that — I enjoyed tagged with Khash, maybe in the future he can join the Trustbusters — it was just Tony’s idea, something he wanted to do, and it was presented to me.

“The funny thing was, a lot of it was last-minute stuff. ‘This is what I want you to talk about, this is your new name,’ this is minutes before I was about to go out there. Part of me took it as a test. I get all this new information and it’s ‘Alright, go do it.’ No problem, I’ll knock it out of the park, first try. I feel did. I got to the back and Tony is like, ‘Hell yeah, that’s exactly what I wanted.'”

Daivari’s most recent TV match took place on the October 21 edition of Rampage, when he unsuccessfully challenged for HOOK’s FTW Championship. The former WWE 205 Live star has wrestled on Dark since then, and was in action during the November 2 Dark: Elevation taping.

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Transcription via Fightful.

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