Ariya Daivari Gives Himself 5 Years To Return To WWE

2 years ago by Sanchez Taylor

Ariya Daivari Gives Himself 5 Years To Return To WWE

Former WWE talent Ariya Daivari has revealed that he has given himself a five-year window to return to the company.

Ex-205 Live wrestler Ariya Daivari was released by WWE on June 25. Daivari has stated that if he does return to WWE, he’ll be back within the next five years.

Speaking with Chris Van Vliet, Daivari noted that he wants to return to wrestling as soon as his WWE non-compete clause expires. On the topic of a potential return, Daivari said:

“I just want to wrestle, I want a busy schedule. That’s the only thing I want. Because right now I’m sitting at home with these 90 days. Not too long ago we were dealing with a pandemic, that s**t sucked. I did not like sitting at home. Obviously, the pandemic was a little bit different because nobody could do anything. But right now the crowds are back and wrestling is super hot and I’m not doing anything, it’s driving me f**king crazy.

“I just want to be as busy as possible, it doesn’t matter where it is. AEW, IMPACT, New Japan, back to the indies… I just want to wrestle the best guys possible and keep a very busy schedule. This is my life now. It is all I care about and all I want to do.”

“I think so. I have this 5-year plan in my head. I’m 32 now, if I don’t go back to WWE in 5 years then maybe that door is closed. I still feel young and I still feel good. You see so many guys like Drew McIntyre and Jinder, seeing them leave WWE, and they were at the bottom of the barrel when they left.

“To go out there and get in great shape, reinvent themselves and then come back and have the success that they have had, it’s awesome to see. Shelton Benjamin and The Hardys, all great guys but when they left I thought that was it because they have done everything that they can do. They are older now and probably won’t come back. Now they have come back and done extraordinary work, I don’t think the door to WWE is completely closed. It might be that right now they are reshuffling things and figuring things out.”

Also in June, WWE re-hired Ariya’s brother, Shawn Daivari, ahead of the company’s return to touring. It has now been reported that Shawn Daivari is a full-time producer backstage.

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