Ariya Daivari’s Life Threatened

Ariya Daivari’s Life Threatened

The Greatest Royal Rumble should be nothing but fond memories for the Daivari brothers. As Ariya pointed out, it was the first time they got to share a WWE ring together.

Playing off tensions between Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two Iranian-American wrestlers easily got the most heat from the GRR crowd. They came out in a perfect form, doing the typical evil foreigner gimmick. Expect from the outside you finally get to see how jingoistic it all is.

After pulling in so much heat, Ariya apparently received death threats and felt compelled to make these statements:

and has pointed out that he didn’t specify who was making the threats, though they have some speculation. The odd thing is that the anger may not be coming from the Saudis but from offended Iranians.

No TV show or any form of art is worth killing over (worth dying for may be a different story) – this was an actor playing a part.

6 years ago by Cody Brooks


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