Arn Anderson Pitched “Terrifying” Character For Brodie Lee In WWE

2 years ago by Nate

Arn Anderson Pitched “Terrifying” Character For Brodie Lee In WWE

As the days pass since the passing of Jon Huber, known as Brodie Lee in AEW and Luke Harper in WWE, many people around wrestling are sharing stories about their former colleague and friend. One of those is none other than Arn Anderson.

While in WWE, it was rumored Vince McMahon was upset with Huber for not being able to sound like a hillbilly. Anderson felt like Huber was too smart and too intelligent to be cast in that way. Instead, he felt he had a more terrifying character in mind.

Anderson has this to say on the Talk is Jericho Podcast:

“‘He’s too intelligent when he speaks.’ I had a character for him that would have been awesome, as frightening as anybody has been. What about the guy that looks like that, especially when he wore the dirty, dingy white ‘wife-beater’, and it was even a little muddy even on some nights.

“What if you got a shot from somebody in a tree or something, and you’re shooting into a window and you got a single light bulb and it really looks like a primitive, almost I’m expecting the camera to pan down like you got some guy tied up and you’re torturing them or something. What if that guy is sitting with a computer, and he’s rattling away. And you made that guy The Unabomber.

“He’s brilliant. He’s making stuff. He’s going over the injuries. He somehow got ahold of all the records of all the crew with their injuries. What is he going to attack next, kind of game planning. His voice is eloquent. You make him a genius. How scary would that guy have been? Well, when I tried to lay that out to creative, they looked at me like I got six heads as you can imagine.”

Brodie Lee as a Unabomber character. I guess torture and blowing people up isn’t any worse than burning them alive in the middle of the ring or burying them alive in a Boneyard match.

I’m sure Lee would have pulled it off and been great at it. He was great at so many things.

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Thanks to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.

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