Athena Reveals WWE Sucked The Passion Out Of Wrestling For Her

9 months ago by Amanda Savage

Athena Reveals WWE Sucked The Passion Out Of Wrestling For Her WWE

AEW star Athena has commented about her time with WWE and how the experience sucked some of the passion out of her career during that time.

Athena spoke to Steve Fall for NBC Sports Boston about how times have changed since transitioning to AEW from WWE, saying:

“I do… right so it became work and I think like a lot of people will hopefully understand what I mean by that like we have the craziest coolest job in the world where no day is the same when you walk in it’s constantly changing chaos you know and something about that drew me to it, but over the course of like six-seven years with WWE it became work and it became okay what do we got to do okay and I wasn’t so much passionate as much as I was like wanting to do a good job if that makes sense and so when I like left it was like I got to sit at home for three months and just kind of figure out what I wanted to do and I didn’t necessarily know if I wanted to wrestle again it was just like ah okay because I was afraid that I would go like and it would feel like work and so like on some level yeah I feel like the passion was sucked out“

Athena recently made her All Elite Wrestling debut, directly entering a feud with TBS Champion, Jade Cargill.

Their feud continues to heat up both on television and on Twitter where the two recently traded barbs, bringing a little bit of mess and a little bit of added drama to their on-screen rivalry in a fascinating example of social media being utilized by performers directly to enhance or build their feud.

Before joining the other former WWE stars on the AEW roster, Athena was formerly known as Ember Moon and spent time both on the NXT and women’s main roster in WWE.

You can view all the win/loss stats for the current Women’s NXT roster by clicking here.

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