What Happened When Austin Theory Cashed In Money In The Bank

4 months ago by Amanda Savage

What Happened When Austin Theory Cashed In Money In The Bank WWE

Austin Theory cashed in his Money in the Bank briefcase on tonight’s November 7 WWE Raw. Find out what happened!

After an open challenge from Finn Balor fell through earlier in the night, Seth Rollins was in the ring for another challenger in the main event.

When both Ali and Bobby Lashley battled backstage to come out to meet Rollins, it was Lashley who came out on top.

However when Bobby Lashley laid a Almighty beatdown on Rollins before the match could even get started, Rollins was left driven through a table and vulnerable.

Austin Theory hit an A-Town Down and seemingly had the championship wrapped up until Bobby Lashley reappeared and pulled the ref out of the ring.

Theory, shouting at Lashley and calling him an idiot while the ref was down, went on to get fully manhandled by the big man.

After Lashley viciously assaulted Theory, with two big face first slams into the ring post, he then put him in the Hurt Lock until he was out cold.

With Austin Theory knocked out, eyes rolled back in his head, Lashley walked away with Rollins still in the ring.

When Theory almost lost via countout, he was able to barely get back in the ring but was promptly met by a big stomp from Seth Rollins.

Ultimately Rollins captured the pinfall victory and retained the United States Championship.

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