Austin Theory Requested To Show More ‘Goofy Personality’

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Austin Theory Requested To Show More ‘Goofy Personality’

WWE star Austin Theory has revealed a request he made when he returned to WWE NXT after his first stint on the main roster.

Theory competed at WrestleMania 36 two years ago as a replacement for Andrade in teaming with Angel Garza against the Street Profits for the Raw Tag Team Championship.

After a brief stint on Raw, which also included him becoming a disciple for Seth Rollins, he was moved back down to NXT where he started associating with Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae to form The Way.

Speaking with TV Insider, Austin Theory was asked how his time in The Way helped prepare him for his current role on Raw.

Theory answered:

The whole character in The Way was my idea. I was basically always playing this serious wrestler. I was not really being myself. No matter what you do, you should be able to still show who you are and give an authentic feel. I think that is what makes you connect to any character. I was just supposed to be this bodyguard behind Johnny Gargano. I asked Johnny Gargano himself while we filmed this Christmas special if we could try something. He was like, “Sure!” I just did my goofy comedy I like to do. Even in real life, I like to have a good time and make people laugh. Sure enough, it worked and they liked it. I think it gave me a huge opening.

Theory also addressed his first stint on the main roster and performing in an empty Performance Center at WrestleMania 36, saying:

I remember when I was told I would get to perform at WrestleMania 36. Just getting to see the sign and being inside the Performance Center was a very cool experience. At the same time, that was my first WrestleMania. Everybody knows WrestleMania is the biggest event compared to any show WWE does. It was one of those bittersweet moments. I’m forever in the history books of WrestleMania, but everybody knows we didn’t have that record-breaking attendance. This year, it’s a lot to take in.

Austin Theory returns to WrestleMania to face Pat McAfee in Dallas on April 3.

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