Austin Theory Addresses ‘Stigma’ Surrounding Vince McMahon

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Austin Theory Addresses ‘Stigma’ Surrounding Vince McMahon

Austin Theory has discussed his experiences with Vince McMahon, addressing the stigma that the WWE Chairman is tough to work with.

Speaking with TV Insider, Theory said that McMahon is still passionate about what he does, and is invested in everybody’s work.

Noting that he has a lot of respect for McMahon, Theory said:

“For me, there has always been the stigma of Vince McMahon that he is not nice or one-way about stuff. That it’s his way or no way. From what I’ve seen and my experience, he is on another level. All the hats he wears. He is so invested in everybody and somehow makes everything work. I think that’s so crazy to see him doing it for that long and staying that sharp.

“If I have a question or see anybody have a question, and they want to talk to him, they always get an answer. They always get a conversation.

“I think that is so cool to really see the passion he still has for what he does. It hasn’t left him at all. For me personally, it is cool to know this man’s a billionaire and still working like he has a grand in his bank account.”

Following reports that Vince McMahon was set to face Pat McAfee at WrestleMania 38, WWE announced that Theory will go one-on-one with the SmackDown commentator during WrestleMania 38 Saturday.

McMahon’s role for the match has reportedly changed several times, which you can read more about at this link.

You can view the announced cards for WrestleMania Saturday (April 2) here, and WrestleMania Sunday (April 3) here.

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