Authors Of Pain Open Up On WWE Release For The First Time

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Authors Of Pain Open Up On WWE Release For The First Time WWE

The Authors of Pain have been away from the public light since their 2020 WWE release, but they have finally opened up their departure.

In an interview with Ango, the former Akam and Rezar spoke about being let go by WWE.

Akam said:

“So basically…we departed from the company, it was nothing negative about it. It was at a time when COVID had just started, we were in a pretty big storyline at the time. What happened was, we couldn’t travel anymore. COVID was very strong, we were asked to do something, like go back, but we opted out of it. We didn’t feel comfortable doing it.

At the time, that was the big thing. Nobody really knew. ‘What happened with AOP?’ Nothing, we opted out to stay with family, take care of our family and be home close to them. There was a lot of uncertainty, all across the board. WWE officials, there was uncertainty with what they wanted to do and as far as humans and family men, new had our own uncertainties of what we wanted to do for our families. That’s all it was, there was nothing else to it. We have no ill will towards the company. They booked us good and treated us well. Nothing negative about it.”

The Authors of Pain were associated with Seth Rollins following his heel turn after his Universal Title reign in early 2020. Rezar went down with a torn bicep, which led to Akam being removed from TV.

Speaking about his injury and release, Rezar said:

“It was a big thing, it could’ve been even bigger. Obviously, s**t happens, right? I tore my bicep during a  match and was off. I healed fast and fully recovered in four months’ time. I had a hotel next to the facility in Pittsburgh to do my rehab. I just killed it…..they came back with a plan, we opted out of it. We thought our personal needs were more important at that time. COVID hit, we wanted to be with family. We took that decision to go home, recover fully, we stayed in really good contact. Last twelve months, we worked harder than we ever did. We eventually choose to opt out, go back to our homes. A year later….we stayed silent for a reason, we wanted to come back with a bang. We obviously had a lot of offers, a lot of talks. We felt like the right thing hasn’t really got us yet.”

The Authors of Pain were released from WWE in September 2020. The tag team have now created BulleApePlanet NFT, which is a wrestling project that takes place in the metaverse.

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