Backstage Origins Of Chris Jericho ROH World Title Reign

3 weeks ago by Sanchez Taylor

Backstage Origins Of Chris Jericho ROH World Title Reign AEW

Chris Jericho has recalled his stint as the ROH World Champion, revealing who had the idea to put the title on him.

Jericho won the gold at the September 2022 AEW Grand Slam event, defeating fan-favourite Claudio Castagnoli for the gold, to the surprise of many.

The wrestling veteran vowed to defeat every former titleholder of Tony Khan’s recently acquired promotion, and defeated a number of ex-ROH champions before dropping the gold back to Castagnoli at December’s ROH Final Battle pay-per-view.

Speaking on The Kliq podcast, Jericho noted that Tony Khan came up with the idea to make him ROH World Champion.

Believing it was a smart move, made to establish Tony Khan’s ROH, Jericho said:

“It was a great idea from Tony Khan. At the time we were using Ring Of Honor guys on ‘Dynamite’ and nobody knew what it was, or nobody knew what the point was, or what Ring Of Honor even was. … So let me give this belt a reason to be on the show.

“(Jon Moxley) did a great job (as AEW World Champion), and I think at the time me being ROH Champion, I think I worked eight weeks in a row, I’ve never worked that much recently.

“I think it really helped AEW get out of this kind of weird situation we were in and grow.”

ROH TV recently returned, and now airs every Thursday night on HonorClub.

Chris Jericho recently explained how his backstage role in AEW has changed over the years, which you can read more about right here.

Transcription via Wrestling Inc

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