Backstage Reaction To AEW Fans Turning Against Chris Jericho

Backstage Reaction To AEW Fans Turning Against Chris Jericho AEW

There has been a report regarding the backstage reaction to AEW fans turning against the ‘Learning Tree’ Chris Jericho.

While Jericho is currently presenting as a very positive and cheerful force, beneath the facade clearly lurks something more sinister from the character as he has continued to feud with HOOK.

According to the report from Fightful, sources had indicated to them that Chris Jericho had expected the negative crowd reaction at AEW Dynasty.

Going on to add that the reaction ‘played out almost exactly as Jericho had laid it out’, it was expected that the crowd would turn on him.

Jericho beat HOOK for the FTW Championship at the pay-per-view with crowd reaction on the night and thereafter have included chants of ‘Please retire!’ and ‘Go Home Jericho’ while being heavily booed.

However, there was seemingly one detail that did come as a surprise to many and that was Jericho’s alterations to the actual FTW title belt.

According to the report, the FTW title ‘is the original belt that was in ECW’ and the changes made by Chris Jericho were a surprise to many, Taz included says Fightful.

Taz was involved physically in the angle, taking a rare in-ring spot from Jericho during an altercation with HOOK.

HOOK has earned his way into the FTW Eliminator match ahead of AEW Double or Nothing to determine who will go on to face Chris Jericho.

On the May 22 edition of Dynamite, HOOK will face both Bryan Keith and Katsuyori Shibata in the eliminator match to win their way into facing the Learning Tree at Double or Nothing 2024.

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