Backstage Reaction At SmackDown To Vince McMahon Retirement

11 months ago by SP3

Backstage Reaction At SmackDown To Vince McMahon Retirement WWE

The backstage reaction at tonight’s SmackDown in Boston to Vince McMahon’s retirement has been revealed.

Per PWInsider, there’s been a pretty positive reaction in the locker rooms at SmackDown related to Vince McMahon’s retirement.

There is some surprise given the belief that Vince would always be around in some form, but the idea that there would be a new “energy” for WWE creative has a lot of talent excited to see what’s next.

The belief among the young stars is that a younger vision creatively will help the company connect better with the overall audience.

There’s also been a lot of wondering what McMahon’s exit means for the remainder of the executive circles beyond Stephanie McMahon, Triple H and Nick Khan.

There has also been some who have noted that they wished they could have at least said goodbye to Vince personally face-to-face and hoped he would be at SummerSlam so they could do that.

We will have further update on the Vince McMahon retirement when they become available.

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