Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon WrestleMania 38 Stunner Botch

1 year ago by Sanchez Taylor

Backstage Reaction To Vince McMahon WrestleMania 38 Stunner Botch WWE

The backstage reaction to Vince McMahon’s botched Stunner at WrestleMania 38 has been revealed.

Following Pat McAfee’s match with Austin Theory, McMahon entered the ring for an impromptu match against the SmackDown announcer.

After defeating McAfee, McMahon and Theory celebrated in the ring, before Stone Cold Steve Austin ran down to ruin the duo’s fun.

After disposing of Theory with a Stunner, Austin tricked McMahon into letting his guard down, before attempting a Stunner on the WWE Chairman.

McMahon took the move very awkwardly, falling from the gut kick, stumbling back into the ropes, before finally dropping to the floor to sell the move.

Per, McMahon the wrestlers and staff in the arena were entertained seeing the Boss take a bump again.

McMahon was reportedly ‘all smiles’ backstage, and didn’t appear to be concerned about the botch.

McMahon’s prior match with McAfee was the Boss’ first match in almost 10 years, following his bout against CM Punk on the October 8, 2012 edition of Raw.

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