WWE Legend Gets Physical On WWE Raw

5 months ago by Amanda Savage

WWE Legend Gets Physical On WWE Raw WWE

Baron Corbin continued his quest to be considered the ‘biggest acquisition on Raw’ by meeting Johnny Gargano in the ring.

JBL continuing his excellent mic work in the most recent iteration of his dastardly character, hellbent on harkening back to the ‘Attitude Era’ frequently.

After repeating many times that he was “the modern day Wrestling God,” Baron Corbin made his entrance (including pyro) and debuting even more new gear.

With JBL on commentary continuing to deride the independent scene history of Gargano, noting that “ten years in single A ball,” is not a badge of honor rather “an indictment.”

Don’t worry though, in a run-in earlier in the show backstage Gargano got a clean shot in, literally calling JBL, “Mr. MC Hammer pants” to his face.

After the commercial break, JBL had more positivity to note about Gargano however that he was an excellent athlete with great in-ring skills, he was incredibly talented and everybody loves him but he just isn’t Baron Corbin.

The good will didn’t last long however, after Gargano swiped JBL’s hat for a combination of moves it was JBL who swept him off his feet, priming Baron Corbin for the win.

After the interference, Corbin was able to capitalize, hit his End of Days finisher and capture a pinfall victory over Johnny Gargano.

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