Baron Corbin Undergoes Name Change On WWE SmackDown

2 years ago by Nate

Baron Corbin Undergoes Name Change On WWE SmackDown

If you haven’t been following Baron Corbin on social media, then you may have missed Corbin turning his luck around. While in Vegas for SummerSlam, Corbin had a great run in the casinos and is now a rich man.

Some say money can’t buy you happiness. However, it appears it can make you change your name. Baron Corbin is now asking to be known as Happy Corbin.

Yes, that’s right. It is now Happy Corbin.

This storyline with Baron Corbin, sorry, Happy Corbin has been terrific. Corbin pulled up in a Bentley and expensive suit.

During SmackDown, Corbin tried to use his newfound riches to buy the MITB Briefcase. Big E wouldn’t have it. We’ll just have to see how long Corbin’s luck holds.

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