Baron Corbin Wins Big In Las Vegas

2 years ago by Connel Rumsey

Baron Corbin Wins Big In Las Vegas

There has been more twist and turns in the exciting life of WWE SmackDown star Baron Corbin last night.

When we last left of with our hero, his luck appeared to take a downwards turn when WWE cameras caught up with him in Vegas.

After that video was shot, Corbin returned to the casino, and his luck appeared to once again change, He said:

Corbin had WWE fans on strings after this update, with many waiting with bated breath, worrying that things would end badly for the former king. He tweeted:

In a surprise twist, Corbin did in fact win big! He updated his followers five minutes later, saying:

It was reported earlier this week that WWE would be playing out the Corbin story on social media, and that it would take several twists heading into SmackDown tonight.

Based on my heart rate reading Corbin’s updates, it sure was a rollercoaster.

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