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5 years ago by Wrestle Talk

All In Final Attendance

It’s just the latest event in a post-All In wrestling world, one that caters more to a non-WWE audience. And it’s now been revealed just how successful All In was – run the numbers, Scotty. 12.63% more successful than previously thought. Maths! 

With the official attendance coming in at 11,263 – over a thousand people more than the original 10,000 seater goal.

Prompting the show’s co-promoter Cody Rhodes to ask: What do we do next?

Firstly, trademark the name ‘All In 2: Balls In. Then go and enjoy a celebratory pancake, or 100,with Rock ‘The Dwayne’ Johnson – who’s tweeted:

“Congrats my friend. So f’n cool! That’s some real legacy and history you’re now a part of. Proud of you. Your pops is lookin’ down and smilin’ BIG! #10LbsOfGold #NWAHeavyweightChamp” 

And once you’ve finished those pancakes, then make a goofy event poster that makes people actively not want to watch the show.

Oh, sorry. That’s a WWE thing.

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