Batista SHOOTS On WWE SmackDown! Why CM Punk Not At ALL IN Explained! | WrestleTalk News

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Batista SHOOTS On WWE SmackDown! Why CM Punk Not At ALL IN Explained! | WrestleTalk News

Why Tommaso Ciampa Is Not In WWE 2K19

There was quite a kerfuffle as the final additions to the roster for WWE 2K19 were revealed yesterday.

Fitting really as almost every step of the way has been marred by some controversy – Kyle O’Reilly doesn’t play his tag title, Lana isn’t in the game, this melting stripper with a mum haircut is. 

Yesterday’s reveal included the likes of The Rock, Ted DiBiase, Kurt Angle, Booker T, DDP, Eddie Guerrero, Sting, Shawn Michaels, Ultimate Warrior and the Great Wizard Nash. Or at least he will be once I get Kevin in that character editor.

Oddly omitted from this list and the roster in general is current NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa.

As his old buddy Jonathan Wrestling made the cut, many fans assumed Ciampa would too and asked the champ on Twitter why he didn’t make the final roster.

His response was very Ciampa:

“A lot of people are wondering why The Champ is not in the game. Well, it’s quite simple. I’m The Champ for a reason. I don’t lose. Not in real life. Sure as hell not in your fantasy world”.

So he’s DLC?


Batista Shoots On WWE SmackDown

Another man who can lose in the fantasy world because he made the list is Dave Batista. Maybe Ciampa just scares the devs?

But after some of Batista’s recent comments on Twitter maybe WWE will get him patched out?

A fan asked if Batista would be appearing on the 1000th episode of Smackdown. Which made the animal rabid:

WWE is expected to bring back several former Superstars for the SmackDown 1000, including Edge and The Undertaker.

The Capital One arena in DC where the event is taking place on October 23rd is advertising Jeff Hardy vs. Randy Orton, The Miz vs. Daniel Bryan and Samoa Joe vs. WWE Champion AJ Styles for the show, but WWE hasn’t confirmed and the card is always subject to change.

But it probably won’t include Batista.


Batista All In?

You might be thinking if he wants to wrestle so bad why doesn’t he just go to the indies?

Well he was considered for All In.

A fan asked Cody and the Bucks if they ever considered booking Batista for the show.

Which Matt Jackson said they had, tweeting:

Flip Gordon as a luchadore , Chris Jericho as Pentagón, Jay Lethal as Macho Man, sorry Dave, all the good disguises were taken.


CM Punk Reveals Why He Wasn’t All In

Another person who wasn’t at All In was CM Punk, unless he was disguised as Chris Jericho disguised as Pentagón Jr and is going to be facing Kenny Omega on the Jericho cruise. The truth is out there.

In an interview with ESPN Punk revealed that he was simply too busy to be at the show, as he was shooting a movie that day. And also doesn’t even want to return to wrestling anyway…

Punk was promoting the third season of Netflix’s Beastmaster which he is hosting and said he isn’t looking for a wrestling comeback.

“To me that’s like an escape hatch,” “I’ve got season three of Beastmaster on Netflix, and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that we get to move forward and do a season four. Aside from all the stuff that I can talk to you about, there’s all this secret stuff that I’m not allowed to talk about that I am doing too.

It’s not even a matter of not going to wrestling because I’m busy doing other stuff, there’s just nothing that interests me in wrestling.”

ESPN also probed Punk, gross, about All In and he said he was never made an offer to appear at the show!

He said Cody and the Young Bucks only said ‘if you want to come, you should come’. ‘It was extremely vague… it wasn’t an offer.’ 

Which is the exact opposite of what Cody told Wrestling Inc last month, when he said that a ‘full offer’ was made to Punk, it just wasn’t necessarily for a match.

Who to believe? One of the best heels in the world? Or the presenter of Beastmaster? Both equally untrustworthy.

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