Bayley Accepts Johnny Gargano’s Challenge For NXT Match

3 years ago by Wrestle Talk

Bayley Accepts Johnny Gargano’s Challenge For NXT Match

While she might be a heel right now, Bayley was one of the most over babyfaces in the entirety of wrestling during her run in NXT.

When she left the black and gold brand, it was former DIY member Johnny Gargano who became the top babyface for NXT. During his feud with Tommaso Ciampa, fans really got behind the former NXT Champion.

Well it now seems like we could see Bayley and Johnny Gargano compete in the same ring in a mixed tag team match in NXT.

On Twitter, Johnny Gargano shared that following the Year-End NXT awards on Wednesday night, he has now been involved in NXT’s Match of the Year in three out of the last four years.

In response, the SmackDown Women’s Champion said that in the years prior, Gargano did not stand a chance at winning so many NXT awards as Bayley and Sasha Banks were still with the brand.

Johnny quickly corrected Bayley by adding that he didn’t sign for the company until 2016, the year in which he also picked up the award for Match of the Year for the first time.

Gargano then challenged Bayley to team with Finn Balor to take on the team of Gargano and Candice LeRae in a mixed tag match, which Bayley swiftly accepted.

Based on the fact that Bayley’s former tag team partner Finn Balor is feuding with Johnny Gargano in NXT, it is not out of the realms of the possibility that we could see a mixed tag team take place at some stage in the near future.

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