Bayley Names Her Mount Rushmore Of Women’s Wrestling

Bayley Names Her Mount Rushmore Of Women’s Wrestling

One of the things people always like to debate is the Mount Rushmore of wrestling. Your four most iconic or best of all time, it can be a fun conversation point. Now, Bayley has given her opinion on who the Mount Rushmore of women’s wrestling is.

During her appearance on Broken Skull Sessions with Steve Austin, Bayley gave her answer. In short, she listed herself, Sasha Banks, Lita and Chyna as the four she would choose. Here is the quote, courtesy of Wrestle Zone:

“First of all, we’ll put me in there. Next to me and a little bit behind me, we’ll do Sasha Banks for the obvious reasons. I’ll be ahead of her, so she can be in the back corner. I’ll go with Lita because she’s the one that made me realize I could do it. There are so many you could put in there. I wanna say Chyna because she was so different and brought so much more to the table.”

Bayley and Sasha Banks finally had their rivalry last year after over three years of build on the main roster. They had what many consider to be one of the best WWE matches of the year inside Hell in a Cell where Banks won the SmackDown Women’s Championship.

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