Bayley Explains Origins Of New Faction With Dakota Kai & IYO SKY

Bayley Explains Origins Of New Faction With Dakota Kai & IYO SKY WWE

WWE star Bayley has explained the origins of her new faction with Dakota Kai and IYO SKY (fka Io Shirai).

The trio first came together on WWE TV during SummerSlam, confronting Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair following their Raw Women’s Championship bout.

The new stable attacked Becky Lynch on the following episode of Raw, writing her off TV to recover from her separated shoulder injury.

Speaking on After The Bell, Bayley confirmed that she had pitched the faction to Triple H before, noting:

“This is something that I’ve wanted for a while, I would say a couple of years. (It’s) actually something that I’ve talked to (Triple H) about before.

“Just wanting something different for the division and using girls that I think were either underutilized or that didn’t get that opportunity or didn’t get that spotlight. Just a way to evolve myself as in like many different variations of this faction or group that I wanted.”

Explaining why she wanted her factionmates to be stars not previously on the main roster, Bayley said:

“But as I got injured and got to spend more time really thinking about it, I knew that I wanted literally girls who haven’t had the opportunity (to be on) Raw or Smackdown or that haven’t been given an opportunity to feel what WrestleMania is like. Because that’s the ultimate goal of everybody.

“I just felt like if I look for girls that haven’t had that yet, just the hunger is gonna be that much stronger. It’s just gonna be fresher for the fans and fresher for the locker room where they’ll get excited to work with different people.

“Once I thought of it like that, (I) thought let me look at NXT. It was so easy. I knew who I wanted and I knew who could benefit from it. I knew who I can benefit from.”

Vince McMahon had reportedly turned down a pitch for a version of this faction ahead of his retirement. Following McMahon’s departure, Triple H took over WWE creative.

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