Bayley Wants A Surprising Name To Enter The Royal Rumble

1 year ago by Andy Datson

Bayley Wants A Surprising Name To Enter The Royal Rumble

While commentators entering the Royal Rumble isn’t an unusual sight, the idea of a backstage interviewer stepping in the ring is almost unheard of. Imagine Renee Young jumping in the ring and hitting Nia Jax with an F-5 before dumping her over the top rope.

Despite it being a rare sight, it seems that it’s one that Bayley wants to see, as she challenged Kayla Braxton to enter the 30-woman match next weekend during a heated promo on Talking Smack.

“Hey Kayla, do you want to be in the Royal Rumble match? ‘Cause we have got that coming up in a week from tomorrow. So, do you want to be in the match? I will gladly welcome you into the match. As the Role Model of SmackDown — as the Captain of SmackDown, I welcome you into the Royal Rumble match!

“I will grab that stupid microphone by your ear that is connected to you. I will toss you over the top rope, like I will Bianca Belair and just like I will every single woman that steps into that ring.”

Given how few people are on the main women’s roster, you might need to start pulling in random people…oh wait, Stephanie McMahon is going to win the Royal Rumble, isn’t she?

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