Becky Lynch SHOOTS On WWE Women’s Tag Division

Becky Lynch SHOOTS On WWE Women’s Tag Division

A recent episode of the Wrestling Compadres Slamcast recapped an interview with Becky Lynch, which took place at San Diego Comic Con. Johnny and Dale of the Wrestling Compadres sat with her to discuss a range of topics, including Curt Hawkins’ losing streak, Becky Lynch action figures, her seven years away from pro-wrestling, and the ‘Lass Kicker’s crazy teddy bear jacket.

Another question came up during the interview, which has been a hot topic of late among fans, that of a possible women’s tag-team division in WWE. As a huge proponent of the division, Becky was the perfect person to ask about this proposition. When asked if the women’s tag division was still being talked about in WWE, she said:

“Oh yes. Absolutely. I’m constantly thinking about it, and brainstorming, and pitching for it. If I’m involved or not, it would be a wonderful step in the women’s progression.”

Becky said that because the women’s roster is shallow on both Raw and SmackDown Live, then any would-be tag team division should be spread across all brands, including WWE main roster talent and stars from NXT. If Lynch herself was involved in the division, she says she’d want to be in the title hunt, and that she already has a tag-team partner in mind:

“Oh Charlotte. It’s the old Tea Generation X thing. She’s the straight woman, and I’m the crazy foreigner.”


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